Driving Directions

2727 Hearne Avenue
Shreveport, LA 7110
(318) 212-8600

Willis-Knighton Heart & Vascular Institute is located on the campus of Willis-Knighton Medical Center, west of downtown Shreveport and is easily accessible from Interstate 20 using the Hearne Avenue exit, turning north. The Institute is located adjacent to the Emergency Department.

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Heart Institute Parking Garage
The first floor of the parking garage is reserved exclusively for Heart Institute patients. You can access the parking garage by turning off of Hearne Avenue. Just follow the “parking garage” sign and go to the first level. From this level you can take the elevator to the Cath Lab (2nd floor) or your cardiologist’s office (3rd floor).

North Parking Lot
The parking lot off of Hearne Avenue, north of the Heart Institute is also available. If all spots in the parking garage are taken, locate a parking space in this lot and ask a security guard on patrol to deliver you to the entrance. The Willis-Knighton security officers patrol this parking lot at all times. If you cannot readily identify one, you may call (318) 210-5731, to request assistance from an officer.